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Facts about child custody and substance abuse in Texas

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Child Custody

When determining who gets child custody, Texas courts consider several factors. One of those factors is whether either parent suffers from substance use disorder.

Understanding substance use disorder

The courts understand substance abuse to mean illegal drug use as well as the abuse of legal drugs. This can include alcohol, prescription medications and over-the-counter medications. The courts also take into consideration whether a parent is addicted to substances or if they occasionally abuse substances. If a parent is addicted to substances, this means that they have an uncontrollable urge to use the substance and cannot stop even if they want to.

How does this affect child custody?

If a parent suffers from substance abuse, this can affect their ability to care for their children. The courts will look at how the substance abuse affects the parent’s life and how it would affect their ability to care for their children. Substance abuse can lead to problems such as financial instability, job loss, legal problems and mental health issues. These problems can make it difficult for a parent to care for their children.

The courts will also look at whether the parent has made any effort to get treatment for their substance abuse while determining whether they should get child custody. If the parent is willing to get treatment and is making progress in their recovery, this will be taken into consideration by the court.

If you want to get child custody and have had a history of substance abuse, it is important to show the court that you are capable of taking care of your children. This includes being able to provide for their physical and emotional needs. You will also need to show the court that you are on the path to recovery from any substance abuse problems by, among other things, getting treatment and staying sober.