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Identification cards for undocumented immigrants

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Immigration

The Biden administration is now potentially adding a new layer to the undocumented immigrant issue in the United States, and it appears they may be getting documented in the future when they cross the Texas border without visas. Congress has yet to consider the motion, but President Biden has floated the idea to the various agencies and communicated the same to federal legislators. There is a definite chance that ID issuance may become policy in the future.

Establishing immigrant identity

One of the primary problems ICE faces when apprehending immigrants is accurate personal identification. There are typically no government records available to corroborate who they claim. The administration argues that the move to issuing identification cards will help immigration officials with keeping track of all migrants in the country. This policy could put the immigrants at ease as well, or at least some of them. There has been a problem with those released appearing in court when required with no method of finding them afterwards for court service.

Potential policy problems

While the Republicans have yet to weigh in on the matter, there will no doubt be resistance in Congress. Issuing an ID card will essentially be the first step in establishing unlawful migrants in the country. The Biden administration has been transporting them to various parts of the nation, which is in direct contrast to the prior administration sending them back across the border. There is effectively no method of insuring ID recipients do not have a serious criminal history in their home country or affiliation with a human trafficking network.

The ID plan may not be implemented in an expedited fashion because Congress must approve of the policy change. There are clearly some advantages and disadvantages on both sides of the issue, and Congress has until September 2023 to make identification cards issuance the official federal immigration policy.