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Communicating through making a parenting plan

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Child Custody

One way to be successful when it comes to co-parenting in Texas is to make a plan that both of you can agree on and that takes your child into consideration. While making your plan, you can look at a few different situations that could arise so that you can address them. Here are a few components to consider including.


When you create your parenting plan, consider the basic schedule of your child and where they will live as well as any child custody schedule that’s in place regarding visitation with the other parent. Another component to include is a holiday schedule so that each parent knows when school is out and if there are any special events or trips planned so that neither party is blindsided with a shorter or longer visit.


If you have children who are still in car seats, the parenting plan might include who will have the seat in the vehicle and who will need to purchase one. An option would be to get separate car seats that stay in each parent’s vehicle so that you don’t have to keep switching them from one car to another. A parenting plan could include transportation for school or how your child will get back and forth to visits with the other parent, especially if you plan to meet the other parent in a public area instead of at your home.

While devising a successful parenting plan could seem as though it’s a challenge because of changes in the dynamics of the family, crafting just the right plan can be done with communication and coordination.