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Handling summer custody schedules

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Child Custody

Sharing custody with your child’s other parent in Texas often means making a schedule so that you’re prepared during the year. The summer season can sometimes mean changes in the plans that have already been made because of school not being in session and vacations that have been previously arranged. Here are a few tips to make a summer schedule that works for everyone.

Communication and changes

Before the summer season arrives, talk to the other parent about any upcoming changes that need to be made to the child custody plan. This will give each of you plenty of time to arrange for time off from work and to plan for your child to be in another home on a different weekend or throughout a different week instead of one that’s already on the schedule. Try to maintain the lines of communication as this can often result in an easier time making last-minute changes.


Make sure that the other parent knows where you’ll be traveling to in the event of an emergency. You should also let the other parent know how long you’re going to be gone so that they know when they can resume the original custody schedule. Travel plans should be discussed before making reservations to ensure that both parties are informed about the decision.


If you have younger children, the custody plan may need to be amended to account for daycare. If your child can stay with the other parent during the day, then this could save both of you money while giving your child a chance to spend more time with both parents during the summer. However, if this isn’t possible, where the children are spending the day may change the custody plan.

Scheduling conflicts can sometimes arise during the summer when you share custody, but with careful planning, it’s easy to avoid some of these issues.