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Talking to your children about a divorce is easier with planning

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Divorce

If you are getting divorced in Texas and have children, breaking the news to them may be challenging. Knowing what you’ll say and talking to them together may be best when you’re in this position. It’s also critical not to place any blame when explaining to your kids why it’s happening.

Planning what to say can make breaking the news easier

When you tell your kids about the divorce, do so on a day where you can discuss the situation. Planning what you’ll say and choosing the appropriate setting can help make them feel more at ease. When it’s time for you to break the news, you may find it challenging. A plan can help you stay on course, even when your emotions run high. It’s usually best to tell all your children simultaneously. Otherwise, you risk having one of them divulge the news by accident.

Explaining why it’s happening

Once your children find out the news, they’ll likely ask why it’s happening. Explaining the details isn’t necessary. It may be hurtful and only make the situation worse. Staying general with your explanation with answers like “We tried to work out differences but can’t seem to fix our relationship” is best.

Keep your children out of your divorce

Dragging your children into the middle of your divorce will only make it worse. It’s essential never to make them feel like they can’t see or love both of you. Some children may believe it’s their fault. Letting them know it’s an issue between you and your spouse can be critical if they feel this way. Allowing them to share their thoughts is also important.

Getting a divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved. Taking time to explain the situation and let your kids talk about how they feel can help make the process easier for everyone.