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What are the benefits of mediation when getting a divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Divorce

Deciding to end your marriage is never easy. It can be a painful decision for both parties. However, instead of a traditional divorce, mediation is a much better option. There are a few benefits you, your spouse and your children can reap from divorce mediation in Texas.

It’s much easier and less stressful

Mediation is a much easier process than a traditional court divorce and is less stressful. Instead of having emotional confrontations with your spouse and their attorney, you meet with each other and a mediator, a neutral third party, to discuss your situation and come to an agreement that works for both of you. Mediation allows you to be calm and rational while working through any issues between you and your spouse. Your children will also be happier as you work together as a team in spite of splitting up.

It’s cheaper

Traditional divorce is expensive, but when you have mediation to end your marriage, you can save quite a bit in many cases. If you and your spouse don’t have children, things are even simpler. However, even at the high end in terms of cost, divorce mediation won’t break your bank account.

It’s faster and offers more flexibility

Divorce mediation is much faster than a court battle. You can find it lasting only four to 10 weeks before everything is settled. By contrast, a traditional divorce can take several months or even years.

Mediation also offers more flexibility to both you and your spouse. Because you’re encouraged and expected to have open communication, it can help to make things better throughout the process.

It’s private and confidential

Unlike divorces that take place in a courtroom, mediation is private and confidential. You don’t have to worry about spectators being present for your divorce or all the private details of the proceedings being available for anyone to see.

It’s peaceful and revolves around your children

If you have kids, a mediated divorce is much better than a litigated one. It’s peaceful and centered around the children. You can come to a much easier agreement with your spouse about child support and visitation and don’t have to worry about the process damaging the kids. Instead, they are protected from the ugliness that comes with court divorces.